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Freeware Garden: Petrichor

Smell the rain.

Éric Chahi's Another World did many things right, but what I believe it really excelled at was conveying the feeling that you were somewhere drastically different. Somewhere otherworldly yet also sensible and at times familiar and this is the exact same sensation Sundae Month's Petrichor manages to re-create.

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Petrichor - the scent of rain on earth - has you wandering through a slightly alien and entirely lovely forest where the rain is eternal, rocks can float in mid-air and mushrooms grow to gigantic proportions.

Starting off next to a campfire with only an umbrella and a cryptic note telling you to "Remember The Sound Of Now - Δ", you'll have to solve puzzles and uncover new abilities by finding damp notes, drying them out and reading them by the fire. It's a polished, innovative and wonderful point-and-click take on the Metroidvania formula that is as brief as it is stunning.

And a nice big 7.

From the way the ambient sounds of the rain blend into the spartan soundtrack to the beautiful pixel-art and the highly effective camera work, Petrichor is an audiovisual delight. It's handily also a joy to play.

Petrichor is a wonderful, sad and mysterious little game I cannot recommend highly enough.

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