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Freeware Garden: Serious Dave

Compared to iOS gamers we are tragically short on runners, so it's a good thing we get to play the unfinished but generously freeware Serious Dave. As is traditional, you move your onscreen avatar moving up and down between three lanes and either avoid or shoot enemies - provided you've bought a weapon bought with the in-game currency that is, which is earned by gathering of beer for the shop-keeper.

Although unfinished, Serious Dave is already polished. If you love your NES and Amiga graphics, this is a game for you due to its retro pixel-art. You even get to collect babies that are strikingly reminiscent of forgotten 16-bit star (of sorts) Baby Jo and battle a fantastic selection of baddies including Mario lookalikes, ghosts, fire breathing things and knights in armour.

Perhaps best of all, since this is a PC game and not on iOS, you don't have to worry about running out of energy and having to reach into your coffers to keep playing.

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