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Freeware Garden: Slumber Shine

A game about dreaming.

In Slumber Shine you play as Zane and wake up to the sky falling. Criminally, this doesn't lead to an Asterix joke or at least a small tiny reference to the magnificent Gaul, but those angsty games usually don't do humour. Please though, do not hold such trivialities against Slumber Shine for it is freeware, pure of heart and worthy of your time.

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What it also is, is an intriguing and at times poetic exploration game that utilizes its glitchy texture to masterfully build an excellent finale. A visually stunning and very clever finale too, that I obviously will not spoil but strongly urge you to see. It should only take you 30 minutes or so to reach it and, as an added bonus, you will have played through a dreams-and-reality-fusing game that's appropriately confusing.

Besides, it's not every day you download something that transforms you into a bird, teaches you songs about dreaming and lets you literally pick up a dream. Slumber Shine does these things and even allows you to dance a bit too.

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