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Freeware Garden: Such Inheritance. Much Saga

With pirates.

Such Inheritance. Much Saga is much more than a brilliant title for a game. It's also a brilliant game, starring a adventurous pirate lady. A game that, according to generous developer Abebly, was inspired by the original Prince of Persia, Dark Souls and Spelunky.

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The inspirations themselves provide a pretty accurate description of the game, though you should probably know that this particular heroine cannot jump. She can duck, roll, climb stairs, grab keys and kill things with her sword but never jump, yet still she's determined to liberate all the treasure those undead pirates are guarding in the depths of their underground lair.

She'll be doing this in an puzzle-platforming fashion through procedurally generated levels that come packed with tense reflex-testing moments and tactical decisions to make. Interestingly, though one would expect Such Inheritance. Much Saga to come with built-in fluctuating difficulty and a menagerie of unwinnable situations, it does not. And that's impressive.

Guybrush never actually did this.

The vast majority of the levels I played were not just beatable, but they became progressively more difficult as I went on through the game and always made sure that climbing ladders, collecting keys, avoiding traps and killing the occasional enemy was satisfying and fun.

All the frustrating 'argh' moments I experienced had to do with my lack of focus and the fact that dying sends you back at the very beginning of the game and a new set of levels. Yes, I know this is the way of all rogue-likes and that it does help create tension, but carelessly stepping on a trap when you know you are almost at the end will have you banging your head on your keyboard. And going argh. Or more appropriately arrr.

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