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Freeware Garden: Super Skeleman

Mario Metroidvania

Though far from ground-breaking, I have to admit that what initially drew me to Super Skeleman were its graphics. Their crispiness combined with the sparing use of colour and the overall stylization of the visuals really did it for me. Also, I do have a thing for retro stuff. And for pixelated skeletons too.

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Rather conveniently and as graphical tastes are a very subjective matter indeed, Super Skeleman also proved itself a great if pretty traditional Metroidvania. One that assigns each new ability you acquire a new combination of keys in order to, presumably, test your dexterity and to let you explore tantalizing places you couldn't previously access.

It's the very same skeleton! Hoorah!

Mastering said special moves will not only allow you to backflip and triple jump with the best of them, but to also travel through Super Skeleman's 100 or so rooms avoiding all sorts of wisely placed traps and varied baddies and, eventually, even earning your skeleton a lovely skin to wear over those old bones.

Beating the game shouldn't take longer than a delightful afternoon and if you ever wondered what a Metroidvania crossed with Mario's platforming would feel like on Windows, well, Super Skeleman is something you simply have to try.

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