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Freeware Garden: The Static Speaks My Name

Hello, Static.

In less than 20 minutes The Static Speaks My Name manages to be dark, sad, funny and disturbing, mainly by letting you obsess over a not particularly impressive painting, all the while being stuck in a freaky and claustrophobic apartment.

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Knowing that interpreting art and the patterns of the human mind won't get it too far, the game also comes complete with an intriguing and thoroughly upsetting story to tell. It chooses to convey said story mostly via a series of increasingly disturbing objectives that won't take long to accomplish and will immerse you into a world of unavoidable unease.

Of course, you could spend an extra hour or so trying to figure out what that painting is all about, but I'd classify this behavior as dangerous.

Ominous prawns.

Then again, The Static Speaks My Name is a game that goes out of its way to stress you out and even make you feel guilty when smiling at its little jokes. And just to give you an idea of what you'll be getting into, let me mention that you're playing as a man on his last night alive.

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