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Freeware Garden: The Wizard

He really is a wizard

Running into a freeware browser game that feels like a full-blown, commercial indie production isn't something that happens every day, but, happily, it does happen. Mostly when the stars are either right or confused. Occasionally even via the divine medium of turn-based dungeon crawlers; games like The Wizard by Hypnotic Owl.

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Kevin the wizard, the star of The Wizard and most definitely a wizard, was apparently the most handsome wizard throughout wizard academy. Criminally, a sordid scoundrel sort of ran off with his face and now Kevin (the wizard) must chase after him through the academy's cellar and sewers and thus through some finely pixelated monster-filled mazes that only a wizard or a stealer of wizard faces could ever hope to survive.

And here's another fact: rats love castles. Especially those of the sorcerous variety. Of course, Kevin is lucky enough to have you, oh brave wielder of mice, to help him out. Provided you can master a few arcane gestures to support him in casting his (upgradeable) spells and are good with puzzle-like combat in the style of DROD and Desktop Dungeons, that is. A mind capable of strategically positioning things in 2D space should also come in handy, as Kevin will be facing more than a few fantastical beings that seem intent on aiding the mysterious thief. Beings inhabiting beautifully illustrated, cunningly designed and unexpectedly varied dungeons.

In return for your help, Kevin promises several hours of clever, almost family-friendly entertainment that only a wizard could ever hope to provide.

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