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Freeware Garden: Vectagon

Super Vectagon?

It's called Vectagon and it's a fast paced, procedurally generated, psychedelic runner that has, according to its developer, been inspired by Rez, Dyad and F-Zero. That makes Vectagon a jaw-dropping, infinite avoid-'em-up where lasting for a minute should be considered a huge accomplishment. A game with glorious neon visuals and a purely arcade heart.

To say that Vectagon is hard would be a vast understatement. You will need impressive reflexes just to survive 20 seconds in the gentlest of its modes and possibly hours of training before you can go for a whole minute. Thankfully though, every time you fail the game will crudely offend you --or, in the best of cases, simply go Urgh-- thus cunningly using your added frustration to iron your resolve.

It's a cheap trick, but it works.

Besides, anything that looks this good and costs nothing can be excused for anything up to and including modest verbal violence against players. The thing looks absolutely amazing and overloads your senses from the very first second in a way that would make Jeff Minter smile in approval. Of course, stopping to admire the scenery is out of the question, but play it long enough and those semi-random tunnels will burn themselves into your retinas.

Oh, and make sure to press F to enjoy the glory of Vectagon in full screen.

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