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Fridges of the Pacific Northwest showcases real fridges of the Pacific Northwest in space

Don't place salads directly under freezer.

Fridges of the Pacific Northwest [official site] takes you to a galaxy of fridges. There are enough fridges in this game to comprise a galaxy. How is that even possible? It is. Each fridge has signage that is lovingly recreated from the results of a 2016 photojournalism project that documented refrigerators from workplaces across the Pacific Northwest.

Over 100 fridges were chosen to be represented in Fridges of the Pacific Northwest. The game features fridge signage that covers topics from food thievery to inspirational quotes.  Fridges from schools, hospitals, government agencies, and local corporations were photographed and then recreated in the game.

The music by Jimi Jaxon of 7 Deadly Records enhances the feel of the surrealistic environment of floating space refrigerators and is both soothing and alarming simultaneously. The production has a real Night Vale-like feel to it, like there's something ominous and monolithic about the legion of refrigerators orbiting non-descript celestial bodies.

If you're as fascinated by the mundane as I am, you'll love getting lost in Fridges of The Pacific Northwest. You can download it now on for free. You're likely also the sort who'll be fascinated by The Video Game Soda Machine Project, though sadly so far that's only a website, not a virtual celestial showcase.

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