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Twin-Stick Murderpals: Friendship Club On Early Access

Bury our friends

Friendship, my dear chum Pip will explain with groaning resignation, can be trying. (I don't think 'trying' is the word she'd select.) Take Friendship Club official site too - not a game about chums chatting, dancing, Doting, and dining, but rather a competitive local multiplayer twin-stick shooter.

Up to four players blast away at each other with bouncy bullets which ricochet around procedurally-generated arenas, making for a lot of bullet-dodging sillymurder. It's fine, it's fine - you're all playing the imaginary friends of a child named Timmy Bibble. Following a low-key alpha access run by makers Force of Habit, Friendship Club is now on Steam Early Access.

I haven't played Friendship Club myself, but it's been doing the rounds at events for a while and I've heard pretty good things. It already has a good handful of modes, and Force of Habit plan to add a way to make your own modes. They also plan to add more modes and arena styles, a dynamic soundtrack responding to action, and a single-player mode over the course of Early Access. They're not sure how long this'll all take before the game properly launches.

Anywho, right now it's £7.19 on Steam, a price which'll go up over the course of development. Here's how it looks at the moment:

An old build from November 2013 is still on Game Jolt if you're curious, though obviously the game's come a way since then.

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