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Shock! Horror! Frozen Synapse 2 delayed into 2018

No surprise

If you've set up a second advent calendar for the release of Frozen Synapse 2, knowing that the turn-based tactical squad shooter's release window of "2017" means we can only be days away from its launch, ah, I'm sorry to bring bad news. While a delay has seemed clear as the year ticked down, developers Mode 7 have now made that official. Frozen Synapse 2 is now due some time in 2018. Perhaps you'll use the Christmas hols to create a new 365-day calendar counting this new window of possibility. For now, here, see some pretty simulated cities and top-down action in this new dev video:

Cover image for YouTube video

"As you probably will have guessed, FS2 is delayed into 2018 - no surprise Christmas release from us," Mode 7's Paul Kilduff-Taylor‏ said on Twitter yesterday. "But we're working hard on it and the game is really starting to emerge properly now."

That is exactly the sort of thing I would say if I were sneakily preparing to work 100-hour days over Christmas for a surprise launch on New Year's Eve at the stroke of midnight and announce this launch by hang-gliding off the top of the London Eye through the fireworks and flames.

Frozen Synapse 2, you'll remember, will offer top-down tactical action where both players' turns play out simultaneously, which creates interesting spaces for anticipation and trickery. We've declared the original one of the best games for busy lives and of the best strategy games so more is good.

Especially if it's launched on New Year by a burning, screaming Paul Kilduff-Taylor‏ landing in the Thames to release fluorescent dye packs and turn the river Frozen Synapse Blue. Or some time in 2018. Whichever, really.

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