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If you need more Norse, Frozenheim is a viking city builder RTS

Vikings are the new zombies

Okay so maybe Valhalla was too Assassin's Creed-y for you and Valheim is too crafty. If so, perhaps this end of the viking trend will be just right. Frozenheim is an upcoming city builder with RTS combat where you've got to help your clan survive the harsh north. This next Norse 'em up is planning to launch in early access in May.

Frozenheim is "a serene Norse city builder game that offers elaborate management mechanics and multiple progression trees to balance as you maintain and expand your settlement," Paranoid Interactive say. "Prepare for brutal RTS combat that will put your tactical skill into a test. As you launch exploration parties on foot and by boats you will not only discover resources you can exploit but also draw the attention of the enemies who will seek to destroy you."

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I'm not often one for RTS combat, but I can always be enticed with the possibility of building. Much as I've been enjoying Valheim, it sure is nice to see a settlement surrounded by walls that I won't have to personally cut down the trees for. That's what woodcutter units are for.

Paranoid Interactive say that Frozenheim will have both a singleplayer campaign and multiplayer modes where you can raid or form alliances with other players. At early access lauch, Frozenheim will include multiplayer matches and freeplay singleplayer scenarios, with singleplayer campaign features planned as additions during early access. Paranoid Interactive say they have six months of updates planned, with a full launch intended for early 2022.

Oh no, I've just realized it's quite literally the intersection between Frostpunk and Valheim. Frostheim. Wait no, it's called Frozenheim. This is Outer Worlds and Outer Wilds all over again, so help me.

You can find Frozenheim over on Steam where it will launch in early access on May 20th.

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