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Fruit Ninja VR Cuts Into Early Access On Vive

Cool fruitz

The Vive does not play nicely with my Eagle-Eyes, let alone my Kung-Fu Grip, but I can still enjoy watching other people play with Valve's cybergoggles. Flailing. I enjoy watching people flailing. So I'm quite excited to see Halfbrick Studios have brought their five-a-day 'em up Fruit Ninja over from pocket telephones to Vive. Watching a friend wave their arms while shouting at an imaginary mango is the stuff of my dreams. Fruit Ninja VR [official site] seems a great fit for Vive's motion controllers too, and control looks tight enough to even juggle fruit with your swords. Watch this trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

That's pretty nice, that! Slicing fruit is a good use for cybergoggles. I am especially pleased by the trailer player doing fruit tricks like rolling things down the blades. Cool fruit tricks.

Fruit Ninja VR launched onto Steam Early Access this week, with a launch discount bringing it to £8.79/11,99€/$11.99. Halfbrick expect to launch the full version in October after adding things including extra weapons, more levels, competitive PvP multiplayer (no idea how that would work), and Steam Workshop support for user-generated content.

I hope that Steam Workshop becomes filled with all the fruits of the world. Kumquats, snake fruit, every variety of apple... all fruit, all the time. The world's largest repository of virtual fruit. Maybe future generations from a scorched Earth will put on their cybergoggles to learn about the ancient lifeform once known as 'fruitz'.

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