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Further Adventures In Infinite Space Games: Rodina

While Notch's 0x10c languishes sadly in hyperspace limbo, it turns out there's another game out there that has plenty of what he was trying to achieve. Rodina is another strangely named space adventure game that has ship interiors, hackable operating systems, and seamless space travel. It's like discovering a twin-star system, but with games instead of boiling balls of gas. And because I seem to be genetically predisposed to being excited about games like that, I am going to share some videos and information about it below.

So, Rodina. Prove to me you're worth my attention.

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I am admittedly a huge sucker for ships dropping into a planet's atmosphere from orbit, so you had me at the first flickers of re-entry fire. But there's more to it than just flying a Starfox inspired ship around huge vistas.

Rodina is a game where you seamlessly explore a solar system. Fly your spaceship from planet to moon to asteroid with no loading screens or warp doors. Explore these huge, procedurally-generated landscapes on foot. Customize your ship’s living spaces to suite your tastes. Get into dogfights with alien spaceships in order to secure control of valuable resources and property.

Interiors, eh? You're going to have to prove to me that you're not just saying that. I've been lied to before, you know.

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You are gaining my trust. Don't abuse it.

It's a small team making a game with a roadmap that reads like Elite and FTL are conducting an affair. The initial release will be a simple game of space dog-fighting and exploration, but there are further goals, tied to the game's initial success, that make me space happy.

Rodina will boast a game world simulation which supports player creativity and rewarding feedback. Release toxic gas into the engine room. Fly a false flag in order to trick your opponents into thinking you are their ally. Hack into the ship’s computer and delete the source code that fires the weapons, rendering them useless. In Rodina, experimentation and creativity are valued over following a game script written by a designer.

I am space smiling. It has a current release window somewhere in the next few months. I hope it arrives before all those other space games looming on the horizon finally drop into place.

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