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G2A will require key sellers to provide name and address

It will be mandatory

G2A, the controversial marketplace for key sellers, will soon require any users hoping to shift game keys to reveal their name and address. "Starting July 1st, 2017, buyers will have access to detailed information about the sellers on, including their names and addresses," G2A told Polygon. “This information will be included, among other places, on the bills provided to buyers, allowing them to know exactly who they are purchasing products from.”

G2A hopes that this will make the process of purchasing keys more transparent.

“This is another step in making our marketplace more straightforward and accessible,” G2A PR specialist Gabriela Lefanowicz told PCGamesN. “By providing more information to buyers and making the process of buying and selling more clear-cut, we are making G2A a better place for our customers. Other changes are planned and will be rolled out in the coming months as well.

In April, Gearbox ended its partnership with the marketplace because the publisher felt it didn’t do enough to protect customers from key sellers using fraudulently-acquired game keys.

The company no doubt hopes that this move will improve its reputation, a reputation that has cost it at least some business. Earlier this week the co-founder of Slime Rancher developer Monomi Park publicly refused to work with G2A after he was approached in regards to his game being included in a bundle.

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