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Galaxy Trucker makes the long haul to PC in March

Star truckin' across the universe~

Anarchic FTL-esque board game Galaxy Trucker - a board game I've always wanted to try - is headed to PC on March 7th. Czech Games Edition brought the game to Android and iThings a while back, but for those of us who do their social gaming at their desktop, this upcoming version is a pleasant surprise. It's a quickfire game of improvised ship-building, profiteering and disaster, and includes a bundle of single-player challenges and bots to play with if you've not got anyone to team up with. See the trailer for the desktop version below.

Galaxy Trucker isn't a wildly complex game, but it has a lot of fun-looking systems that can cause a semi-united crew to butt heads. For starters, ships are built in real-time with a ticking timer, even in the board game version. Players grab random ship components from a shared pool and then decide whether they're going to use that piece - assembled in vaguely Pipe Dream fashion - or return it to the pile, played face-up. Whoever grabs an unwanted piece first gets to keep it.

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I could go on to explain it further, but instead I'll just let RPS tabletop friend-o-site Shut Up & Sit Down explain it all for you here. Paradoxically enough, while the physical Galaxy Trucker is a real-time game by nature, the digital version offers a turn-based mode and asynchronous play-by-email style multiplayer, as well as a lot of single-player stuff to do. The mobile versions of the game all support cross-platform play, so it seems likely the PC will be joining that big happy family of space-disaster soon, too.

The PC version of Galaxy Trucker arrives on Steam on March 7th, and will cost $10/€10. The mobile version is available on Google Play and the App Store for half the price, but with the Alien Technologies DLC (included with PC) sold separately. You can find more info on its official page here.

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