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Gamechat Is Go: Next RPS Brighton Social Next Friday

Games-chat by the sea

What's the point in watching all these big E3 announcements if you can't talk to like-minded souls about how exciting and/or appalling they are? Why, just this morning I tried to ask the builders who've been loudly renovating the house next door for four hundred weeks what they made of Transformers Devastation, but they just said something about Megan Fox's shorts then picked up some decking offcuts menacingly. If only there was some sort of social event for PC gaming folk in my hometown soon.

Well, what's this? Seems there will be one in Brighton next Friday. It's in a pub and there's a banner and everything.

The latest in this ongoing series of casual drinking and conversation near the sea is set for Friday June 26th, at The Caxton Arms near the station, which if I recall correctly has a pool table. Anyone's free to turn up from 7ish, there are no tickets or anything like that, so do pop along. I'm hoping to be there, depending on how manic my toddler is come the day, but in any case there'll be plenty of good people to chat about PC games and maybe even OTHER GAMES with. There's plenty of tablespace if you want to get your boardgame on, too.

If you need someone to pester for more info, either use comments below or try this here forum thread.

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