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GamePlague Footage: Death Inc. Videos

A thick, sweetly-stenched miasma must have descended upon me, or perhaps it was the clouds of flies buzzing around the disease-ridden project, but whatever the reason, I neglected real-time sickness spreader Death Inc. when rounding up Kickstarter projects yesterday. There's plenty to see in recent updates though, including a second demonstration of the current prototype, which lacks the final art style but shows slick controls, tactical decisions and gives a good idea as to how the theme will translate into an actual game. There is also a Q&A video, which I've included below, and some lovely new artwork.

There are three videos here, simply because the prototype footage is split in twain.

With a couple of weeks left, there's still time to find a surge of pledges and releasing informative videos on a regular basis is probably the best way to find support. Of course, it might help if dunder-headed Colonel Katchup actually noticed those videos from time to time though, eh?

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