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Gamer Network is looking for backend web developers

Help make RPS run

Since its inception Rock Paper Shotgun has run on Wordpress, a blogging platform built upon the very best web technologies available in 2003. That could soon change with your help. Gamer Network - the corporate overlords that own us, Eurogamer, VG247 and more - are looking for backend web developers to help unify the sites onto a single new platform. If that sounds interesting to you, read on.

As a brief breakdown of what the job entails, you would need to:

  • Write correct, maintainable code that solves business problems.
  • Build scalable web services/applications within our platform and deliver them to the business on schedule.
  • Collaborate with peer developers to build technical specifications for platform projects.
  • Work with the team to discuss and critique engineering decisions together; participating in activities like pair programming and code review.
  • Ensure the continued correctness and performance of code through automated testing.

If you understood what any of that meant, hop on over to the full job posting to find out more about the location, requirements and how to apply.

Come, join us, and maybe with your help one day RPS can have a CMS that doesn't break when we sneeze too hard.

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