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Hades and Control's writers chatting in the games narrative con this weekend

Catch talks tonight and tomorrow in LudoNarraCon

The online convention all about narrative games is kicking off this weekend. Even if you don't usually go in for games with a wordcount to rival a hardback, you may find something up your alley in LudoNarraCon. The event begins this evening including talks and insights from the likes of folks involved with Hades, Control, Amnesia: Rebirth, The Outer Worlds, and more.

LudoNarraCon includes two days of talks, panels, and chats from folks involved with writing and designing game stories. It's tough to pick favorites as a story game lover but here's a few for you to consider.

This evening sports a talk about games with dark stories, including creative directors Emily Short of Failbetter Games and Thomas Grip of Frictional Games. Those are Fallen London and the Amnesia series respectively. Tonight caps off with a chat between Control senior narrative designer Brooke Maggs and Hades writer and creative director Greg Kasavin. The weekend also includes topics such as localisation and cyberpunk themed stories. You can catch the full list of talks and names over on LudoNarraCon's site.

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Alongside the talks, some games will offer demos for you to try through Steam as well. Other participating games will be hosting livestreams from their game store pages too.

LudoNarraCon begins today at 6pm BST (10am PDT). Talks are scheduled for today and tomorrow, Saturday April 24th, but the event in full runs through Monday, the 26th.

It's being hosted over on a Steam sale page (going live with the event) where you can also watch videos for any talks that you missed seeing live.

Correction: for about five mintues this story listed Sam Maggs as Control's senior narrative designer. That sure is a different games writer named Maggs! Next I'll be mixing up my Laidlaws, won't I?

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