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GamesIndustry.biz's Academy site has all sorts of serious game-making advice


People always ask me, "Alice0, how do I get a job in the video games industry?" I tell them: find a way to travel back two decades then make a good mod for Quake or Half-Life. People always tell me, "Alice0, there's no need to be a dick about it."

Now, thankfully, I can simply point people to The GamesIndustry.biz Academy, a new subsite launched by our corporate sibling with all sorts of professional and non-dickish advice about making games. This spans everything from getting a job to claiming UK game tax credits and picking a release date for your game.

"We will have advice on getting a job in the business, on how to build video games, and how to fund, monetise and promote them," GI.biz say. "The guides feature advice from leading industry experts, including journalists, PRs, tech suppliers, publishers, game developers, recruitment specialists and many more."

The launch of the new section brings a load of new articles on a good spread of business-y topics, as well as rounding up some older ones under the new banner. I've had a quick look and it seems to offer multiple perspectives on many of its topics, which is good.

I would still stress that nothing is universal in the business of making games and one person's path to success may well be the path to ruin for someone else. Take nothing as law (except for actual laws you need to follow, like the GDPR). All advice is just advice and there is no correct way. Possibly every way is the wrong way, just different sorts of wrong.

This sort of good-time vibe is why GI.biz invited Alice Bee to talk about jobs in the games press rather than me, isn't it.

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