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Gaming’s number one ratmasher Vermintide 2 is getting a free map and enemy update

Crushingly, the new enemy is not a rat

Heroes approach on a whaling village in Vermintide 2
Image credit: Fatshark

Did I ever my mention my, possibly unhealthy to the point of actually contracting something with buboes, obsession with Warhammer’s weirdo little rat friends? If, like me, you also derive untold joy watching these scrabbling binlickers go about their daily business, you’ll be pleased to hear that co-op ratmasher game Vermintide 2 is giving you a great excuse to pal around with the Skaven again in the form of free update A Parting of the Waves, out this Thursday April 11th.

The headline feature here is a new, non-remastered map set in a whaling village, which also marks the conclusion of the Karak Azgaraz storyline. Joining it is a new enemy in the form of a chaos warrior armed with a mace and shield, who can appear on all maps that feature Rotbloods. Chaos warriors, much to my chagrin, are not rats. But they do allow the chronically overworked and underpaid rats to have a little break now and then, which I’m sure they both appreciate and deserve. Lick the warpstone from your paws and click play on the trailer below.

While this is the first substantial bit of content Vermintide 2 has gotten since the Necromancer career last year, Fatshark have recently been testing out the long-awaited Versus mode with alpha tests. Either way, I’m glad to see them still working on it and not completely moving on to (Alice 0 self-flagellation platform and Alice Bee tourist destination) Darktide. I enjoy 40k plenty, but the Old World has always been the more interesting setting for me. Plus, 40k is relatively lacking in ravenous, morally bankrupt, self replicating hordes. The Imperium aside, amirite!

Could this all be a well-timed bit of synchronicity with the new Age of Sigmar rats? Or, even better, could we be getting a new Skaven Blood Bowl team? This is pure hopium, of course, but my lads, the Kick-It Claws, are looking a bit worse for wear these days. Although that might be because I snapped a couple of their tails off accidentally and tried to make it look cool with little bandages made out of Green Stuff.

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