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Gargoyles Remastered brings the cult 16-bit platformer to PC next month

1000 years later

Goliath fights a viking in Gargoyles Remastered.
Image credit: Disney

I never watched the original Gargoyles animated series, but I've been on the internet for long enough to know that it's a cult favourite for being a Disney show with surprisingly dark themes. I also know that its video game adaptation, released in 1995 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, was a 16-bit platformer with a similar appeal to other Disney games of the period like Aladdin and The Lion King.

Both those games were re-released in 2021, and now it's Gargoyles' turn. There's a first trailer for Gargoyles Remastered below.

Announcement trailer for Gargoyles Remastered.Watch on YouTube

The Gargoyles remaster was announced last year at Disney's event D23, but this is the first footage of it, and it now has a release date: October 19th.

Gargoyles' adaptation followed the storyline of the show pretty closely, in which protagonist Goliath is magicked from medieval Scotland to modern day New York via a curse that turns him and other gargoyles to stone. Awakened again, he now battles vikings and robots and hops between lots of suspended platforms, for reasons I'm unclear on.

The remaster has modernised graphics, but it doesn't look great in motion to my eye, because it strips the texture away from the world. Thankfully you can switch at any point between the modernised graphics and original sprite art. There's also a rewind feature for when you make mistakes, since I'm betting some of Gargoyles platforming would be frustrating by modern standards.

Gargoyles Remastered will be released via Steam and GOG.

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