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Guns For Heads (Also Heads): Gat Life

Bang bang

I could go on at you about how weird our culture is in its different attitudes to sex and violence, but neither you nor I want that first thing on a Monday morning. Besides, any sentiment I might express is a whole lot more fun in Gat Life: Boyfriend Bar. It's a short, free game which creator 'empty fortress' describes as "the first gay dating sim made to game industry standards" because everything squishy is guns. Everything.

I don't know whether I'm issuing a workplace warning or trying to entice you to read on when I say this post includes an animation of two guns kissing.

"Includes none of the scary body parts usually involved in gay romance, the only naughty bits on display are all ESRB-approved and gamer-friendly," empty fortress says, the cheeky little scamp. See, here's a perfectly unobjectionable male kiss:

Thunder and cordite.

As for where those two go from there, well, I'm sure you can imagine and sure you'll want to see for yourself. Gat Life's pretty short, pushing you towards one specific line or offering an alternative How Soon Is Now? ending. But it's fun, it's funny, it's free, and gave me five minutes of giggles on this dreary Monday morning.

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