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Get 56 games by donating to this year's Jingle Jam

Including Wildermyth, Heaven's Vault and Northgard

Every year, streamers Yogscast host Jingle Jam, a charity livestream. This year's edition has just kicked off, and if you donate a minimum of £35/$47 you'll receive the Jingle Jam 2021 Games Collection. It's a bundle of over 50 games including several indie greats, such as Wildermyth, Heaven's Vault, Northgard and Unrailed.

You can donate now by heading to Jingle Jam's Tiltify page. The charity streams started less than six hours ago and they've so far raised £661,348.79. This year the money will go to help 14 charities, including those dedicated to aiding "disabled access to gaming and sport, cancer research, tackling structural racism and inequalities, LGBTQ+ issues, environmentalism and sustainability." You can find a full list of the charities here.

The livestream is broadcast via Yogscast on Twitch:

If you do decide to donate over the minimum, the individual game keys will be sent to you via email to be redeemed via Steam and the Epic Game Store. You're able to share the keys with others, but they "must be activated before the start of 2022." Presumably that's to stop them being re-sold in perpetuity. There's also a limit of 100,000 bundles - although heck, that's a lot.

Jingle Jam has been running for ten years now and has so far raised over $20m for charity. Our own Matthew Castle (RPS in peace) once became a Jingle Jam meme for appearing in the background of streams while wearing a red jumper, immortalising him among the community as "Red Guy". He returned for a special Red Guy stream back in 2018.

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