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Get a Fus from the past in this Skyrim fan video and its 2012 SFX

But which bow is that?

Truly, Skyrim never dies. Its memes, one liners, and in-jokes are probably destined to plague our vocabulary until the end of time. Here's a deep cut for you all the way back from the annals of 2012. It's been reshared on Reddit once again because you can't really beat the silly friends reenact video games vibe. So I'm resharing it too and Fus Ro Dah to anyone who minds.

You might know RocketJump nowadays for their Anime Crimes Division series featuring voice actor SungWon Cho recently of Borderlands 3 fame. Maybe you watched their goofy Dog Wick video. Yonks before they were doing these snazzy super special effects YouTube shows, RocketJump were doing some slightly more homebrew but equally on-brand goofs on video games. Voila Skyrim Badass. It's okay, I'll wait.

Ah yes, smells like home. Tossing fireballs at Skyrim's guards and then turning a bow on their prisoner just because. Deflecting arrows to the knee. Sniping dragons out of the sky because you're massively over-leveled. Just stuff dragonborns do in a fantasy land where you can take on a whole regiment of city guards alone if you think they don't deserve their badge—er, helmets, I guess.

Anyhoo, it's some good old Skyrim silliness between mates. Unlike some of RocketJump's even older Halo and Call Of Duty videos that were pretty slick for their time, Skyrim Badass reminds me of snatching my parents' camcorder as a kid to make Zelda and Star Wars fan videos just before the dawn of YouTube. Them were the days.

If you're into Skyrim goofs you should probably also check out the guy who mimics Skyrim NPCs.

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