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Get cozy at home in upcoming Rainy Season

Drip drip drop

What does a family get up to when their planned trip to the amusement park is cancelled due to bad weather? Slice of life game Rainy Season wants to take a look the small things that go on while cooped up inside: chatting, poking around the clutter of the house, listening to the sound of the water. And it does sound extremely lovely. Here, take a listen in the trailer.

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I assume that the glowing fish has to do with the very cool mechanic described on the game’s Steam page simply as “Daydreams. Special events will occur when bored.” Forget idle animations when you leave your character alone for too long, having everything become an imagined environment full of weird and wonderful fish sounds way cooler.

I’m also curious as to how much clutter I can interact with. Video game clutter is so often lovely, from the background mess that makes What Remains Of Edith Finch feel like a disorganised but beautiful museum to all the little things you can click on to get scraps of information about the characters in Life Is Strange. Rainy Season has a screenshot of the player finding what seems to be pickled grapes, so it’s looking positive.

Developer Inasa Fujio says that the game will last about 40 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to drink some hot tea and watch the rain, if you ask me. Rainy Season is scheduled to release later this year, but you can already check out its Steam page.

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