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Get unlost in Sumatra: Fate Of Yandi

More sun bears in games please

Think you’ve had a rough week at work? Spare a thought for the protagonist of recently released point and click game Sumatra: Fate Of Yandi. You wouldn’t want to be in a game where the title ominously promises to spell out your fate, particularly if it's premised on being swept away by a landslide and needing to find your way back home through a jungle with little but your wits and whatever you can find around you. Here’s a trailer, showing off the lovely if inhospitable scenery of the area.

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Look at those adorable long-tongued sun bears. I’m sure they won’t present any threat to Yandi whatsoever as he attempts to find his way back home, where his best friend and partner are waiting.

Developers Cloak And Dagger Games cite both the “nature and legends of Indonesia” and Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World as part of their inspirations, which is an interesting combination. They’ve also made a handful of point and click adventure games before, including the free A Date In The Park. This one’s set in the lovely Portuguese park of Tapada das Necessidades and mostly involves wandering around in the sun. Sounds lovely, except that Konstantinos Dimopoulos tagged it as a “weird horrory thing,” and said it has a “sick-but-not-quite-disturbing plot.”

Their latest game may well have a similar atmosphere. According to the game’s Steam page, Yandi “makes his way through vast expanses of unexplored forest and desolate wasteland, where many dangers and secrets will be revealed.” That sounds like prime potential for creepy vibes, if you ask me.

Sumatra: Fate Of Yandi released on Steam and this week, costing £4.49/€5.12/$6.26 thanks to a 10% off launch sale that ends on Monday, May 21st.

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