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Get your claws into Cat Quest 2 on Steam right now

The whole kitten caboodle

Back when I lived with John Walker and Graham, we had a cat called Dexter. For one glorious afternoon, Dex wore a little camera around his collar. We saw what he got up to, which involved secret cat meetings under cars, and watching hot air balloons drifting over Bath. Then he lost it and we were denied any further glimpses into his world. I can see why. Cat Quest 2’s release trailer is rammed with adventures as the kitties battle action-RPG-style to keep the encroaching dogs of the Lupus Empire from overwhelming them. Dexter was clearly trying to protect us from the truth about the world.

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As someone who downloaded Monster Hunter World just for the Palicos, this looks like something I shall download and play. Lots of cat puns (you're from the “Catpital of Felingrad"), plenty of dogs to punch (for my Twitter account “Can you punch the dog?”), and my partner and I can do some couch co-oping with it as well. There is the questionable decision that enables you to play as a dog, which feels a lot like pandering to the masses to me, but I guess it still advances the catgenda.

I rarely care about a game's overall aesthetic, but looking at the screens and seeing the cats dressed up in clothes is so bloody adorable that I fear for my cat Layla's dignity. There's almost no chance she's not getting a hat on her head by the end of the night.

It's out meow on Steam.

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