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Scratch And Spook: Ghost Coin

Scratching that spooky itch

I've kissed noses, tweaked noses, stolen noses, and once even broke my own nose dancing to Total Eclipse of the Heart. After playing Ghost Coin, I'll add 'scratching a box's nose out of existence with a coin' to my list of Pleasant Nose-based Activities. It's a short, browser-based, charming, and free game about scratching away layers of reality with the eponymous spectral coin. It's one big animated lottery scratchcard where each panel hides surprises like a skellington, dogs, or a cheeky nude.

As I said, Ghost Coin is free and is playable in your browser - running in HTML, not even needing a plugin - so hop to it. When you come back in a few minutes all "That is CHARMING!" I'll be like "I KNOW!" and we'll both be really pleased.

I do like short games which show you something interesting and pleasant then end when it's all still exciting. I'm not sure whether the ghost coin reveals truth or scratches off life, but either way I want one.

Ghost Coin is the work of sibling dynamic duo Elenor and Konstantin Kopka, who made it over three days. Elenor's Tumblr has more animations in that splendid dotty monochromatic style, which you can perhaps use to imagine a few extra scenes in Ghost Coin. Or just look at them and mutter "coo I like that sexy ghost on the exercise ball"; that's fine too.

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