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Giveaway: Win 1 of 10 tickets to EGX Rezzed 2017

In London, March 30th - April 1st

RPS is again partnering with EGX Rezzed, which is returning to London's Tobacco Dock from March 30th til April 1st. If you want to come along, play pre-release games, meet developers, and maybe sight an RPS writer in the wild, hop below for the chance to win one of ten free tickets to attend.

EGX Rezzed 2017 has been running for years now and is RPS's involvement keeps growing. This year we're organising a number of developer sessions, where we can chat onstage with some of our favourite game makers; we'll have a room which provides you the opportunity our favourite games from this year's show; and we'll be in the pub on Friday night, should you want to buy us a beer/throw beer in our faces/please don't throw beer in our faces.

The widget below will let you enter in exchange for visiting our Facebook page or following us on Twitter. You don't need an account anywhere; we will need your email address so we can contact you with your prize should you win; we won't use that email address for anything else afterwards. Lots of semi-colons in this post.

RPS Compo: Win one of ten EGX Rezzed tickets

You've got until midnight on Wednesday to get your entries in, at which point winners will be drawn at random and contacted the following day. Have at it.

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