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GOGgles On For Archimedean Dynasty, Albion, Anno 1602

Sci-fi submarine action

"Anyone have fond memories of Albion?" asks Adam in the RPS treehouse, perched on his stump. "On GOG now." If we were '50s newsmen wearing three-piece suits and hats, keeping whiskey in our desk drawer (nowadays, it sits on the desk), staring at our secretary's gams, and saying 'scoop' unironically, we'd call that 'burying the lede'.

Yes, GOG has added Albion, but as part of a trio of freshly unearthed Ubisoft games from the 1990s that also includes Anno 1602 (or 1602 A.D., for our friends in the colonies) and - here's the big one for me - Archimedean flipping Dynasty, the sc-fi submarine sim precursor to AquaNox.

1996's Archimedia Dynasty is one of those games I played a cover disc demo of over and over, but never actually played in full. While games like Privateer and Wing Commander were zipping around in space, Archimedia Dynasty dragged similar ship action down into murky waters of the post-apocalyptic future. Across a linear single-player campaign, you could upgrade and kit out your sub with different weapons and gear. Skimmy across the seabed and around rocks made it play quite differently to your average '90s space game too. Or at least as far as I remember. It's been a while - 19 years or so. AD is £3.89 on GOG.

Anno 1602, the colony-building strategy game which kicked off a fine series, is £6.49. I respect later Annos but never played 1602, so, er, how is it gang?

As for Albion (£3.89), I must repeat Adam's question: "Anyone have fond memories of Albion?"

(Ubisoft didn't make or publish any of these, for the record, but picked them up in mergers and acquisitions and whatnot over the years.)

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