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Remember when advertising used to just be up front about stuff? Languid shots of fields with Orson Welles waxing lyrical about the taste of peas, and then "BUY PEAS!!!" in big letters flashing for 12 minutes as the William Tell Overture played. You knew where you stood with adverts like that: to buy or not to buy (peas). But now adverts are teases, advertising that something might be happening in the future. It's a cruel psychological trick, to make you think you could miss out. are advertising in such a fashion right now. They released three in a series of four over the weekend, bigging up various parts of their service, attacking DRM, regional pricing, and sparse freebies on offer at other online stores. All they'll say is a '"Newer, Fresher, Bigger” lands Tuesday at 09:00 AM GMT!'

The last time GoG relaunched, they pretended the site was being shut down permanently, so at least this isn't that. There's more to this than just a relaunch, but there are no clues in the adverts as far as I can see. Just GoG reaffirming what they do. We already know what they do, so what could they add to the services listed below to make it more appealing?

The DRM Knight

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The Regional Ripoff

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Free cake!

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I don't know about you, but I sure fancy some peas.

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