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Little Big Adventure 2 Free In GOG Autumn Sale

LBA 2 is free

With Halloween sales so very far behind us, it's time for the next seasonal gaming bargainorama: autumn! GOG today launched their Monstrous Fall Sale, bringing ten days of cheap video games. They're kicking off with a freebie too: until Saturday morning, you can nab Little Big Adventure 2 for free for keepsies.

I would very much like digital stores to hold Guy Fawkes Night sales, celebrating how cool explosions are. You know: Just Cause 3, Red Faction Guerilla, and any game with a nice ploofy single-shot grenade launcher.

Perhaps another time! For now, the Monstrous Fall Sale has a load of games on sale cheap. You'll find The Witcher 3 for £12.49, FTL for £2.09, UnderRail for £6.19, Spelunky for £1.89, F.E.A.R. for £2.09, Stardew Valley for £8.19, and plenty more discounts on fine games. Do shout out your own recommendations ↓ in the comments, praising whatever I'm overlooking.

GOG plan to add more discounts daily over the course of the sale, which runs until November 13th at 12pm CET.

If you've missed badges and guff from old Steam sales, hey, GOG has plenty of that. Checking in, buying games, and participating in livestreams will get you XP towards unlock free games. Expeditions: Conquistador (here's Wot Adam Thought of it), Dex (our peek at it during early access), and Victor Vran (Wot John Thought) are up for grabs.

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