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GOG now has tags and new ways to search and filter games

With more improvements to come

GOG, the digital game store, has updated their homepage to provide new ways to search and filter available games. That includes sorting games by price, filtering by genre, and a brand new tags system.

You'll find most of the new features down the left handside of the GOG homepage. According to the post announcing the features, it's been designed to make it faster for people to find a game among the 5500 currently sold via GOG.

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As search features go, there's nothing groundbreaking here, but they're nice additions nevertheless. GOG say that they have more improvements to come, including the ability to sort the catalogue by "all-time bestsellers."

GOG has been having a rough time recently. In November, owners CD Projekt reported that the site was losing money, declaring that the store would focus on its core business by offering "a handpicked selection of games with its unique DRM-free philosophy." In recent months the store had also been criticised for offering Hitman 3, which has many features that require an internet connection - effectively a form of DRM. The site also suffered a round of layoffs back in 2019.

While GOG's remit has grown overtime to include indie games and modern releases, it began life by resurrecting old games that had been hard to buy on PC, and equally difficult to get running if you did secure a copy. In that regard, their work was invaluable. We reported on how GOG restored old games to playable condition back in 2015.

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