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Seasonal Lies: GOG Launch "Winter" Sale

You mean AUTUMN

Now look here, GOG. I like what you do in the gameosphere, what with getting the old retro re-release ball rolling and that DRM-free jazz you've got going on and all, but let's not get carried away. You've gone too far and I won't let you do this. Yes, I'm calling you out: it's not winter round here until December 21, and you don't get to decide that it is. I don't care if you do have 800-odd games on sale and flash sales and free games, you can't launch a "BIG Winter Sale". Grow up.

The BIG Late Autumn Sale includes almost 800 games and expansions and bits of DLC. Before diving into that huge list, though, you might want to hit the front page to grab a free copy of Age of Wonders then browse the daily deals and flash sales.

The sale will run until December 15th at 1:59pm, with oodles of temporary big discounts between now and then. It's kicking off with 48 hours of flash sales - with 30 running at any time - and mercy me I do not have the patience to check on in that. Folks with the time might pick up a nice bargain, though.

Casting a quick eye over the flash deals with longer durations (so some of y'all might actually get to buy them), for the next three hours you can have the pleasant Vanishing of Ethan Carter for £8.99 (with £1.30 in store credit thrown in too), or Far Cry 2 is £1.59 (and still the best in the series), and all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games are £7.97 when even one provides oodles of miserable fun.

Those discounts are all fleeting, though. But then, isn't everything? This is autumn, when the last few leaves are almost - but not quite - gone.

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