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If wishes were horses, GOG's latest sale would ride

Good games, cheap - and DRM-free

In this hectic modern society, lists are the best way to keep track of desires and obligations: shopping lists, to-do lists, playlists, blacklists, whitelists, hitlists, shitlists... heck, this here is a listlist. It's wishlists that GOG are celebrating today, having launched a sale on 150-odd games and DLCs that they say are among the most-wishlisted items on the store. These include The Witcher 3, Planescape: Torment, The Witness, Hyper Light Drifter, Grim Dawn, Darkest Dungeon, and other peachy video games.

The sale is splattered all over GOG's front page or you can see all discounts on the site in one big list.

The discounts aren't all mega-huge and some games have been on sale cheaper at times but I wouldn't grumble. My understanding of wishes is that if yours are granted and you're not left maimed, turning people to gold, or otherwise using your final wish to undo the other wishes, you're coming out ahead.

GOG had last week talked about "granting thousands of wishes to GOG users for free" today, urging users to add to their wishlists, but the reality is slightly more mundane. As PR fella "elcookelcook" explained on the forums:

"Sorry for not communicating this clearly that all gifts were already sent a few hours ago. So check your mailbox if you haven't already, to see if there is something from GOG.

"Yes, we had thousands of games to give out, but as you can probably imagine we have many, many more active users eligible for this giveaway. Hope the sale will sweeten it a bit for you, if you did not receive a freebie."

So you might have a free game but probably not. But still: many good video games are cheap right now.

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