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GOG's End Of Summer sale has discounts on some classic games

It ends on September 26th

A hand touches Edith Finch's journal in a What Remains of Edith Finch screenshot.
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Sales are ten a penny these days, but GOG's End Of Summer sale contains several stone cold classics. I'm looking at the list and there's bound to be something on here that you always meant to get round to but haven't yet, whether it's Donut County, Gorogoa, Samorost 3, or What Remains Of Edith Finch.

You can find all the games on sale here, and the discounts will continue until September 26th. That's only a couple of days away.

Of those four I mentioned above, it's Samorost 3 I personally haven't got to. I loved the first two in Amanita's silent, grasspunk adventure series - as well as several of their other games - but never made time for the trilogy's closer. There are other Amanita games on offer too, including creepy furniture puzzler Creaks and cute chaos goblin Chuchel.

You might also be tempted by windswept RPG Ashen (£9.29, reduced from £31), horror platformer Little Nightmares (£4, reduced from £16) and its sequel (£12.50, reduced from £25), and last year's excellent scifi pocket 4X Slipways (£9.79, reduced from £14).

But honestly, there's a dozen others that I think are great. You'll have played a lot of them but surely not all. What would you recommend? Let everyone know in the comments.

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