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GOG's Halloween Sale is live, adds games to Connect

Cheap scares

GOG's getting in on some spooky action with an appropriately titled Halloween Sale which has just gone live. There are over 200 titles in the range, with discounts touted as being 'up to 90% off' of the regular costs and a free game thrown in if you're a moderately big spender.

The free game is a copy of Tales From The Borderlands and it'll be all yours if you spend $15 or more on horror titles while the sale is on. In addition to that, GOG has added a selection of spooky games to its GOG Connect program, which allows you to add games to your GOG account that you already own on Steam. That's useful if you want a DRM-free version (or just a Steam-free version) of something you bought previously. The full list of new GOG Connect games is here.

The sale includes older games such as Dead Space, Quake and Doom and newer games like Observer, Outlast 2 and, er, Doom 3. Special mentions should, in my opinion, go out to Oxenfree, Kingsway, Deadly Premonition and Stories Untold, which are all stellar and can be yours for a matter of change.

The Halloween Sale is live now and will end on November 2nd at 11 pm (BST). There'll be more Halloween sales to come later today too, if the Steam leaks are accurate.

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