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GOG's new sale has 50% off Cyberpunk 2077 and 60% off Disco Elysium

It's kinda a Valentine's Day sale?

Video game sales are less of a novelty now that a giant sale is running on one store or another almost all the time but hey, this just means you can get cheap games almost all the time. This week, look to GOG for your game shopping, where their 'We Love Games' sale has over 3000 things going cheap. Discounts include 50% off Cyberpunk 2077, 60% off Disco Elysium, and 80% off The Witcher 3 GotY. Not bad!

Cover image for YouTube videoDisco Elysium Is A Dream Detective Game | Disco Elysium Impressions

GOG have a We Love Games sale hub with a curated selection of discounts, though weirdly quite a few of the games in these collections seem not to have any discount at all? Mysterious. Unless you're the prepared sort to have a Wishlist to check, the best way to see discounted items is probably to start with browsing GOG's Discounted category then filtering to taste.

The discounts don't seem particularly remarkable, the usual prices on the usual games, but that's how it goes these days. Interested in these any of these games? Like GOG as a store? Yeah, go for it; waiting is unlikely to get you massively better bargains particularly soon.

I recently finished Cyberpunk 2077 and yeah, I think it's well worth a punt at half-price. It's not the game people expected—and likely never will be—but it's a colourful world (I grew up on 2000 AD so I do like a dystopian megacity) with nice friends and some good murder.

GOG say the sale will end at 1pm GMT next Monday, the 21st of February.

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