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Gold For The Old Gods: Crusader Kings II DLC And Sale

The Old Gods expansion for Crusader Kings II is out now. It costs £9.99 and for a few short hours, the base game is actually cheaper than its expansion thanks to a 75% price reduction. The Old Gods moves the start date back a couple of centuries and adds playable pagans, among other things. I've played CK II more than any other game in the last 12 months and it's going to end up at or near the top of the list over the next 12 as well. That's at least in part thanks to the DLC, which has opened up new features, factions and play styles. I shall be playing with the Old Gods tonight. I hope they're friendly.

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I didn't expect to see you down here, below the drop. Now that you're here, you might as well read a short paragraph in praise of the way Paradox have handled CK II since release.

DLC normally makes me recoil like a vampire in the church of the garlic Messiah, but the three large expansions for CK II add significant content. It's tempting to call them 'essential' but that would suggest the base game is lacking. It isn't, and free updates are available alongside new content, patching and adding features for those who don't buy. This has been a fine example of strong post-release support.

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