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Vamp Roguelike Golden Krone Hotel Now In Early Access

Monster slaying RPG

Golden Krone Hotel [official site] is a traditional turn-based top-down roguelike in which you play as a vampire hunter. And then, because fighting monsters tends to turn one into a monster, you play as a vampire. But you can switch back to non-vampire mode if you play your cards right, and might even find other forms to inhabit. I played before release and had a splendid time, particularly enjoying the way that sunlight moves across rooms, frying vampires and providing protection for the still-living.

The Early Access period could be a long one but the build I played could have been passed off as complete easily enough. Early Access will be more a case of adding new monsters, areas, spells and the like rather than actually building the foundations of the game.

Golden Krone Hotel will be in Early Access for as long as it takes to add planned content additions and to get the game polished and perfectly balanced.

It currently contains the following:

Dozens of monsters and 5 bosses
10 floors and 5 "branches"
40 potions
20 spells
6 classes
A modern, streamlined interface
A detailed options menu with rebindable keys
Music and sound effects

The interface deserves special mention because it does a fine job of simplifying the process of exploring and fighting without removing too much of great value. Inventory management is out, which I'd usually consider a great loss, but the emphasis has been moved to choosing and using spells, with weapon and armour upgrades happening automatically if you find better gear. Krone is about tactical use of space and environmental hazards rather than creating the perfect character build and looting all day long.

My Tripadvisor rating is almost entirely positive. Would visit again, even while the Early Access building work is ongoing.

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