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Goodbye Alice Liguori, departing vid bud

Once a vid bud, always a vid bud

As a cartoon meerkat once sang, our trio's down to two. Our trio of vid buds is becoming a pair (until we hire someone new), and our trio of Alice's will be no more, because Alice Liguori is leaving RPS. Come say goodbye.

Alice joined twenty months ago and has smashed it in her time on the video channel. Whether it was playing random games in Reviews Roulette, producing excellent graphics as in the party episode of our Divinity let's play, or being our Real Proper Sims correspondent and trying to cover the smuttier side of Sims modding.

Personally, my favourites are the recent Can We Build It series, in which Alice flexes all her Sims skills to build famous PC game locations inside The Sims:

Cover image for YouTube video

Aside from the on video shenanigans, Alice has also been instrumental behind the scenes in helping the RPS YouTube channel grow. We didn't know which way to point the camera when she arrived, and her experience with filming, streaming and editing has been an enormous boon.

The only relief is that Alice won't be going far - she's moving over to a new role elsewhere within Gamer Network, to be announced soon. She's also agreed to put up with Matthew's dad jokes until the Divinity let's play is finished - albeit under threat of us giving her the cold shoulder at the company Christmas party if she doesn't.

If you want to keep up with what Alice is doing next, you can follow her on Twitter or via her personal Twitch channel. For now, please join me by leaping in the comments to wish Alice well.

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