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Google's cute cricket game marks ICC Champions Trophy

Bowled over

EEEEE! The Google Doodle celebrating the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy [link] is such an adorable little cricket game! You control a pair of little crickets who have ventured out to bat while the fielders are all snails!

The game itself is very simple - you click to swing the bat and everything else is automated. You're trying to avoid getting bowled out while you rack up runs. Sometimes the bowled ball takes an unexpected route simulating spin or whatnot which keeps you on your toes and I love the balloons which appear when you score runs!

It's very much in the online Flash game vein of things so repetitive and simple but engaging. Also I love the crickets as they run! Over coffee I scored 63 and I feel like I could easily better that but apparently I have "work" to do. I might play one more game just to fact check this article.

In case you are not into cricket, the ICC Champions Trophy is a One Day International tournament running from today (1 June) until 18 June at various venues in England and Wales. The first group stage match is England v Bangladesh at The Oval today but the fixtures can be found here. It has been a long time since I watched any cricket so I'm doing that thing of looking at rosters and realising that the names I know have aged into coaching positions. NO. MUST HIT BALLS AS A TINY ADORABLE CRICKET AND IGNORE THE INEVITABLE PASSAGE OF TIME.

The mole of death comes for us all.

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