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Gord is an upcoming dark fantasy strategy game inspired by grim Slavic folklore

Grow a medieval settlement and try not to drive your settlers to despair

Announced today, Gord is a singleplayer adventure-strategy game being made by Covenant, a new Polish game studio founded by former CD Projekt Red producer Stan Just. It's a dark fantasy game that will have players going on quests, hunting mythical beasts, and trying to expand a settlement out in the wilderness - all while trying to make sure your settlers don't die horribly. It's set to arrive sometime in 2022, take a look at its moody trailer below.

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Admittedly, when I first saw the word "gord" I thought, hey that's the acronym for gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder. An unfortunate coincidence that one, because gord is also the word used for a medieval Slavic settlement.

In Gord, your goal is to ensure the survival of your gord, by exploring, questing and fighting off monsters. A large part of it is keeping all your settlers reasonably sane: the more of them that die or become horrifically ill, the more it will affect the surviving villagers' psychological states. It's unclear exactly what'll happen if they all fall into despair, but it seems like a good thing to avoid nonetheless.

The game's strategy elements will revolve around taking care of your settlement and gradually turning into a fortress, while the adventure side of things will see you heading out on raids. I quite like the idea of this sort of genre hybrid. I tend to get a little bored when games are all strategy all the time, so diving into some combat here and there sounds great.

One last interesting bit is that you'll be able to customise your game from the outset by deciding on the sorts of objectives you want to complete, what environments you'll play in, the types of enemies you'll face, and more.

The developers plan on releasing Gord in 2022, and mention in a press release that they'll have a little more to share about the game over the coming weeks. So, keep and eye on the Gord website and the Steam page.

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