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Gorgeous Wolf Adventure Lost Ember Successfully Kickstarted

Back to nature

It's easy to overlook the beauty of nature when you're sitting inside writing about or playing games all day. Granted, I don't really go outside that much, but I do have a dog and I like pretty things, so I can appreciate how nice Lost Ember [official site] looks. Its reached its Kickstarter goal with 31 days to go still, so it's safe to say people really want to give it a try.

I can't blame them. It really is a slick-looking platformer. We've covered it before, and even back then you could see the finesse that's gone into making this wolf look spry and fantastic. The teaser trailer did a good job of enticing players and racking up Kickstarter money, it seems, so it looks like I'll actually get my hands on it in the end.

As you run through the forest as one of the most majestic wolves this side of Okami, you can actually take possession of the other animals around you. You can possess parrots. Can I make them say naughty things? I want to play Lost Ember if this is the case. It probably isn't, but I want to play it anyway. How about you?

Lost Ember is expected to launch in March 2018. If you want to kick in, at least 20€ on Kickstarter will get you a copy of the game when/if it's done. Planned stretch goals include new animations for animals, and eventually more animals.

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