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Gorn Home - Star Trek: The Game's Villains

I haven't actually seen a lot of classic Star Trek, but even I know what a Gorn is. To those weened on later versions of the universe, your introduction to the scaly brutes probably came via snippets of the original series' magnificent fight choreography. William Shatner fought one tooth and nail (and rock and tree branch and bigger rock and ACTION KICK) in a trial by combat, and then no one mentioned the Gorn again for like a thousand years. But now they get their very own videogame, so it all worked out. In Star Trek: The Game, you'll be blasting them in all shapes and sizes. Sadly, however, Digital Extremes seems to have oh-so-slightly reined in their fantastic dress sense.

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And for reference, here's a Gorn from back when videogames barely even existed:

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Awwww, they're all gorn up now. The new ones can rush on all-fours, turn invisible, and be giant! Actual giant, too, and not just an average-sized man in a costume pretending to be giant. Though I do sort of hope there's a bonus mode where Gorn are done up in their classic skins and Kirk controls like he just ate an 18-wheeler.

It's all kind of surreal, though. I mean, on one hand, we have this game that looks competently similar to Mass Effect, but then there's also this very direct and tangible link to a landmark series pretty much every sci-fi videogame has stolen liberally from. The student becomes the teacher, and also there are space crocodiles. Someday, I wish to leave behind a similar legacy.

Star Trek: The Game Sorta Of The Movie Except Not will bring its Kirk-Spock bro-op action to our modern game-o-verse on April 26th. I really hope it's better than only kinda slightly all right, and hey, Digital Extremes did quite nicely with The Darkness 2. Fingers crossed?

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