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Grand Mer: A Reel Good Time (Dies)

The year is 2018. The world has been flooded due to man's irreparable damage. In this bleak future of Grand Mer only one activity can save mankind...


Cue music.

I cannot get over how delighted I am to have discovered the press release for forthcoming free-to-play online game, Grand Mer.

"Fishing is now the single most important activity as the human race fights starvation in an effort to survive."

It also boasts, "An open world of seas," which is perhaps the best level design shortcut I've ever heard of. But there will be weather that will affect fishie behaviour, and time of day that again changes what's available to fish.

Even better I love this opening line on the game's site:

"GRAND MER is the world’s first online Saltwater Fishing game."

The game describes itself as offering:

- Select from several unique characters, customize them and further develop their fishing skills
- Travel the world by selecting from several exciting maps, ranging from icy cold waters to tropical paradises
- Fish at your leisure, compete individually or in a team (customizing the rules for that match), play a Tour and complete mission objectives or enter a Championship and test your skills against the very best!
- Experience dynamic fishing with shoals of fish reacting to weather, location, time and more
- Customize your gear such as fishing rods, lures and your own custom made boat!
- Keep track of your favorite fish in your own aquarium and earn special rewards for catching specific fish (will you catch the elusive and dangerous great white shark?)
- Shrieking girls in bikinis waggling their arms

I may have added one.

I was thinking to myself while writing this, "Would it be great if my Dreamcast fishing peripheral [unused, bought as a present for my sister that never quite worked out] could be adapted?" Turns out while that's obviously not going to happen, Grand Mer fishing rod controllers with motion sensors and vibration feedback are planned! Or you can, they say, even control the game with a Grand Mer iPhone app, which sounds flipping ace.

The closed beta is yet to start, but seems like it should be announced soon. It's from the same publishers who are reinventing Mythos, and as much as I want to laugh, I'm really intrigued to play this.

Now, come on, we have to get this terrifying trailer beyond its current 13 views:

Cover image for YouTube video

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