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This Grand Theft Auto V Hulk Mod Looks Incredible

Green is, well, the opposite of serene

"We all have these reservoirs of anger: how do we deal with them? Deny them, so that they flare up? Or do we incorporate them into our being in an even fashion so that they are present and not prominent?" asked Joss Whedon, the director of Marvel's The Avengers, when explaining how they wrote The Incredible Hulk's personality in the 2012 film. The answer? Well, aye, all of that, probably. But also smashing up Los Santos, ripping lamp posts from the ground, and tossing cars hundreds of feet into the air. That feels pretty good, too.

This Incredible Hulk script mod for Grand Theft Auto V [official site] is the best.

Here, just look at this:

Cover image for YouTube video

It's not the first GTA V Hulk mod, but this Patreon-backed number from JulioNIB is above and beyond the best I've seen. Naturally, picking up cars and launching them at helicopters circling above, playing golf with street lights and artic lorries, and bounding stories above buildings before crashing back to earth sending shockwaves in every direction is tremendous fun; but even pausing for a second to let out of those almighty belligerent and rapturous ROOOOAAARRRRs the Hulk is best known for spread joy across my face quicker than it took the green machine to dropkick a tank three streets over.

Weldon's right, at times we all have reservoirs of anger. If you want The Hulk to help you ease your stress, though, check out the Incredible Hulk GTA V mod here.

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