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Graveyard Bowling: Skull Daddy Demo

Skull Daddy takes a familiar theme - getting object A to door B using items C, D and Z - and makes it morbidly interesting. With a limited selection of tools you need to aid the rolling skill to reach a glowing door, without falling into the abyss below. What makes Christopher Mathes' take on it distinct is the splendid use of 2D papercraft-style graphics and pleasing physics. And there's a demo. Good.

The demo is little more than the tutorial, and it seems a sort of betary test for Mathes to ensure it's all working, but it gives you a good taste for the nature and tone of the thing. And it's nothing stunningly original - certainly not in the small selection of challenges on offer here. You certainly won't be getting stumped at any point. But hopefully Mathes has much planned, with some original puzzles in the full version. If not - well, it will be another construct-your-route puzzler with a macabre setting, and upset no one.

To give Mathes his credit, here are his credits:

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